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QUALITY 4.0: Industry 4.0 + Total Quality Management

Quality is changing due to digitization and that’s where Quality 4.0 provides value creation. An especially important aspect is the digitization of «things», that is, parts and finished products that can self-identify and request specific services. This type of digitization is offering a significant amount of benefits for optimizing operations as well as offering new post-sale products / services. There are multiple possibilities, but three central themes that could be mentioned: response times, interactions, and predictions.

For example, the electronic recording, in real time, of quality indicators allows their immediate evaluation. When metrics get worse, they can be quickly observed and acted on before something goes wrong. By comparing production indicators and quality indicators, you could identify relationships and take steps to avoid disruptions.

Whether in the life sciences, manufacturing or service industries, the goals of professional quality management do not differ. High operational security, reduction of failures and downtime and optimal coordination between the different departments of the company are required to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving product quality.

Quality 4.0, in short, could be understood as quality without interruptions throughout the entire company value chain, from the customer’s requirements, design, manufacturing or operations, sale and post-sales. All this is achieved by making use of monitoring and control systems, sensorization, data availability and cloud processing, always available to all those people interested in such information.

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