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Activus ™ Business Engineering

Professional solutions for the Analysis, Planning and Execution of Projects and Processes, with a standardized, systemic and quantitative approach.

Business engineering combines knowledge in the fields of business administration, Industrial Engineering, as well as information technology.

The Business Engineering emphasise on the analytic reasoning abilities. It is based on Applied Sciences and their interaction with Economic and Business Sciences, as well with innovation. Is the perfect balanced combination between strategic management, management by process and information technologies. Contemplating all this, the Business Engineering seeks to optimise companies’ performance to achieve competitive advantages and improvements in their performance.

What we do


Accurate information, Organisation understanding. Improvement alternatives.

Are you interested in knowing what does your company lacks to improve its performance?

We carry out diagnostics of complex situations, based on the dynamic understanding of our clients’ process. Through an exhaustive process analysis, we can detect critical factors and propose several solutions that are guaranteed to improve your company’s performance. To do so, we make use of the latest and best international practices, such as BA-PMI™


Planning. Monitoring and controlling. Execution. Fulfilment.

Do you have struggle to deliver in time and in a right way yours or your clients’ projects?

We apply Project Management according to the international PMI™ standards, with certified PMP™ professionals. Our services include, among others, Project Planning, Fulfilments, Deadlines, Costs and Risk Analysis. Years of experiences and a wide portfolio of clients speaks out of our suitability and background in this discipline.


Estandarización. Informes estadísticos. Instrucciones claras.

Intelligence and Process Management. Business Process Management (BPM). Standardization. Statistics reports. Clear instructions. Simulations.

Do you consider your organisation could perform, in the day to day work, in a fastest way, with better quality and optimised resources?

Our experienced team of engineers and analysts oversee performing research’s of methods, times and statistical evaluation of historical data. We improve your company’s performance applying process mapping methodologies and mathematic tools for the study of several business phenomena. We follow international standards such as the CBoK™.


Transformando Datos en Información

Do you lack management indicators and fail to know the results of your company?

Do you need to perform simulations before its real implementation?

We can help you.

We aid our clients with data collection, their analysis and report generation to help them in the decision-making. We concoct control panel by designing the most adequate indicators (KPIs) for your company. We perform dynamic simulations for projects as well as for process, so as to test the solutions proposed before their implementation.